Sunday, October 27, 2013


News Flash!

Alcona Arts Retreat 2013 a huge success!
Everyone, students and instructors alike, had a wonderful time.  Keep the 2014 Alcona Arts Retreat, September 4-7th, in mind as you schedule next summer. Visit for more information.  
Here are some images from the Alcona Arts Retreat 2013:
"Badger Lake Sunset Reflection"

Art Quilt,  using the "Badger Lake Reflections"
photograph as a pattern
Fawns on Lost Lake Lodge property

Bit and bridle in the Lost Lake stable

and more to come!

Great Egret in flight
Great Egret joining another in a tree
Great Egrets visit Ann Arbor, making for some great shots:
Great Egret swallowing fish
Great Egret Take Off!
Great Egret catching fish
Great Egrets in fight for dominance

Brooks' new art quilt style using found objects!  
"Art of the Japanese Beetle" came about from my summer-long fight to keep these beetles from destroying my garden; then seeing the art of some eaten leaves.
"Art Of the Japanese Beetle", 16" by 20".  Leaves flattened in heavy book, treated with Golden String Gel ("self-leveling") to give them flexibility, mounted on fabric and quilted.

The "Hidden Lake in the Fall" Art Quilt comes home from the California exhibit:
"Hidden Lake in the Fall" Art Quilt

Visit my Galleries for more art quilts and photography!

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