Sunday, October 27, 2013


News Flash!

Alcona Arts Retreat 2013 a huge success!
Everyone, students and instructors alike, had a wonderful time.  Keep the 2014 Alcona Arts Retreat, September 4-7th, in mind as you schedule next summer. Visit for more information.  
Here are some images from the Alcona Arts Retreat 2013:
"Badger Lake Sunset Reflection"

Art Quilt,  using the "Badger Lake Reflections"
photograph as a pattern
Fawns on Lost Lake Lodge property

Bit and bridle in the Lost Lake stable

and more to come!

Great Egret in flight
Great Egret joining another in a tree
Great Egrets visit Ann Arbor, making for some great shots:
Great Egret swallowing fish
Great Egret Take Off!
Great Egret catching fish
Great Egrets in fight for dominance

Brooks' new art quilt style using found objects!  
"Art of the Japanese Beetle" came about from my summer-long fight to keep these beetles from destroying my garden; then seeing the art of some eaten leaves.
"Art Of the Japanese Beetle", 16" by 20".  Leaves flattened in heavy book, treated with Golden String Gel ("self-leveling") to give them flexibility, mounted on fabric and quilted.

The "Hidden Lake in the Fall" Art Quilt comes home from the California exhibit:
"Hidden Lake in the Fall" Art Quilt

Visit my Galleries for more art quilts and photography!

E. Brooks Hinerman's Updates

Visit E. Brooks Hinerman's Photography and Art Quilt Gallery.  The Gallery has new additions frequently, so visit often.
Here are some highlights!

New art quilts:
"Art of the Japanese Beetle", 16" by 20"

"Badlands", Art quilt with raw-edged and fused applique with thread painting,  from photograph.

"Hidden Lake Gardens", Tipton, MI.
Art quilt, fused, raw-edge applique, thread painting, from

"Fall Leaves", Art quilt, raw-edged and fused applique with thread painting.

"Fog in Winter", Art Quilt, raw-edged fused applique with thread painting.
"Tree of Life" Art quilt, thread sketching, mirrored image.

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Art Quilting Classes Available

Come join me for three different classes!
Class One, "Thread Painting on a Photograph", teaches how to turn a your favorite photos into art quilts that have been printed on fabric.  It is currently held at The Quilting Season in Saline, Michigan.
The Quilting Season dates are November 3rd and 10th.  This is a two day class, with homework between classes.  Please call the Quilting Season to register, or to be put on a wait list if the class is full.  Call (734) 429-2900, or visit the store.

This class teaches thread painting directly on a photograph that has been printed on fabric.  
This class requires basic quilting skills and some experience with free motion quilting is helpful. 

"...Thanks so much for the great class!  You are a kind and patient teacher - sincerely interested in your students and wanting them to succeed.  I learned a lot.  You are very generous!..."  
                                          "...You not only explain how to do things, you also explain why..."

"...very knowledgeable and forgiving.  Class time spent today was informative, relaxing, and stress free.  Thank you!"

“Brooks is an excellent teacher and lots of fun!”

“Brooks is so patient, encouraging and ‘laid back’.  She helps to relieve the stress of an intense piece of work.”

Class Two, "Machine Applique with Thread Painting"
(And making a Pattern from a Photograph) teaches a different style of thread painting, how to make an applique pattern from a photograph, appliqueing the pattern on a background, and thread painting it to add detail depth, highlights and accents.
The Quilting Season class date is pending.  Please call the Quilting Season to register, or to be put on a wait list if the class is full.  Call (734) 429-2900, or visit the store. 

Close up of technique
taught in Class Two
This class teaches how to applique images, making a pattern from a photograph, and thread painting it to add detail and accents.
Class Two also requires basic quilting skills and some experience with free motion quilting helpful. 

Class Three, "Continuing Class for Previous Students of Classes One and Two" is a follow-up class for past students to come in to get more information and advice regarding thread painting, including past and future projects.
The Quilting Season class date is pending.  Please call the Quilting Season to register, or to be put on a wait list if the class is full.  Call (734) 429-2900, or visit the store. 

CLASS ONE "Thread Painting on a Photograph" (Example photo above, 2 pink blossoms) involves printing a photograph on ink-jet compatible fabric, sandwiching it, and thread painting directly on the photograph.  This is a very popular class!   Binding and other finishing techniques are not covered in this class.  This class requires basic quilting skills and some experience with free motion quilting. See the Class One Syllabus below.

CLASS TWO "Machine Applique and Thread Painting" (Yellow Daisy photo above) teaches how to make an applique pattern from a photograph, using the photo as a pattern to cut applique pieces, fusing them, raw edged, onto a fabric background, and thread painting to complete the pattern.  There is a manual for the students of this class, which outlines the processes taught in the class.  This class requires basic quilting skills and some experience with free motion quilting.  See the Class Two Syllabus below.



“Thread Painting on a Photograph”
Using Photographs Printed on Fabric
Brooks Hinerman, Instructor

Basic sewing machine quilting skills, and some experience with free-motion quilting is helpful.

On the first day of the class, the students will use their own sewing machines and supplies (listed in the Materials list), to introduce the concept of thread painting.  After setting up, there will be a short review of basic rules of composition for good photography.  We will learn basic thread painting techniques that are best for working on the sample pattern provided by the instructor, and students will work on their own patterns on the second day of the class.  In addition to the thread painting lesson, the instructor will critique the students photos printed on photo paper, CD or a Memory Stick  brought in by the students (4 each maximum), and will help the students choose the two best photos for this technique, giving suggestions for choosing the thread colors for each piece.  We will discuss different styles of thread painting to use on different subjects, and diagrams will be handed out and discussed.
The photo used in the first class is a flower, since the instructor specializes in floral photography, but this technique can be used on many other subjects also.

The homework between classes includes each student printing the chosen photos onto inkjet-compatible fabric.  The sheets for June Taylor and Printed Treasures are only available in 8.5”x11”, and then prepare a quilting sandwich for each piece.  Students will also choose the thread colors to complete the thread painting on their photos.

On the second day of the class, students will bring in their materials from Day One, and materials as prepared in the Homework section.  The time will be devoted to exploring different thread painting techniques that complement the styles and subjects of the various patterns, as introduced in the first class. 
If the students complete extra pieces on their own between classes, we will have a "show and tell", and the instructor and other students will enjoy them and critique them.

The process of binding or other finishing options are not covered in this class.

These photo/thread painted panels can be used in many ways;
 Framed pieces, wall hangings, tote bags, pillow covers, book covers, pattern blocks for gently used quilts, inserted into jackets or other clothing, greeting cards, etc.



"Machine Applique with Thread Painting"
(And Making an Applique Pattern from a Photograph)
(Yellow Daisy pattern)
Brooks Hinerman, Instructor
Basic sewing machine quilting skills, and some experience with free-motion quilting helpful.

The students will use their own sewing machines and supplies (listed in the materials list) to learn the process of making a pattern from a photograph, using raw edged and fused applique to construct the basic pattern, and thread painting to complete the detail.  The pattern for this class will be an 8.5”x 11” floral photograph provided by the instructor, but this process can be used for many types of photographs or other images.  We will learn the basic thread painting techniques that are best for working on the sample pattern, which can be a stepping off point for the students to create their own styles.  Students may prefer to use larger-sized patterns for their future projects.
The process of creating the pattern and cutting and fusing the appliqué to the background requires a step-by-step process, completed in a specific order to alleviate confusion and frustration.  The goal for each student is to complete at least 3-4 petals of the pattern, from making the pattern all the way through to completing the thread painting, so that the students will have the skills to complete the pattern on their own.  The instructor will provide an instruction manual for each student to take home, which explains to process taught in the class.  We will also discuss which photographs or other images are appropriate for this process.
            There will be a break midway during the class.
            The techniques of binding or other finishing options are not covered in this class.

These patterns are best used as wall hangings, and can be used in situations that do not require heavy use (such as in bed quilts).  They can be matted and framed, either with or without binding, hung on a rod, etc. 


Friday, October 25, 2013

Artist's Statement

Artist's Statement
 E. Brooks Hinerman

 I enjoy merging my two favorite arts, art quilting and nature photography, into original art forms.  They include using my photographs printed on fabric as patterns for my quilts, and using a photograph as an applique pattern, and thread painting them to enhance the patterns with beautiful detail and a three dimensional effect.  They have been met with much enthusiasm, and the classes I teach on making them are very popular, often with wait lists.  I love teaching, and it translates into wonderful feedback from my students.  The class enables the students to use their own photos and other images as patterns, creating art quilts that are original and deeply personal.  My eye for composition, color, design and detail comes directly from many years of close study of my images through the lens of my camera.
My art quilts have been juried into many exhibits since 2009, often into art exhibits that compete with other art forms.  Exhibiting has been very successful, especially in exhibitions with nature-related themes.
One of my photographs was selected as a finalist in a Photography Contest that had over 12,000 entries worldwide, and has been published in the book "The Best of Photography 2012".  My concentration has been in art quilting, and I hope to include submitting more images to photography competitions in the future.
Photography has been the stepping stone that allows me to merge my images with my love of quilting.  I began quilting in 2005 using traditional block patterns, and have been developing styles of floral and landscape art quilting since then.
My love of nature photography began when I was a child.  My family vacationed every fall in the northern Ontario bush, and I began my journey of capturing the beauty of the wild country on film.  My father had beautiful gardens on our property in Ann Arbor, MI., where he hybridized rhododendron and azalea.  In my late teens, I used my single lens reflex (SLR) camera and put together a slide showcase of his gardens, "My Father's Garden", which was very well received.  It was then that I started to be drawn to floral and macro photography in a serious way.
I began taking nature photography courses in 1999 through the Rocky Mountain School of Photography, including several classes up and down the Rocky Mountain chain in following years.  My nature photography was exhibited locally during that time, including the Episcopal Cathedral in Detroit.
In 2009, I put together the exhibit, “The Blooms of Matthaei”, using floral photos taken in the Matthaei Botanical Gardens as patterns for my art quilts.  It was juried into several exhibits, culminating in an exhibit that hung for four months at the University of Michigan Comprehensive Cancer Center, through the “Gifts of Art” Program at the U of M Medical Center. 
The current exhibit, "Blooms", includes many new images taken primarily in Southeast Michigan, and has been hugely successful from the beginning. 
One piece was included in the Showcase, "Handcrafted and Through the Lens: Nature Interpreted", 2012, and another piece is juried into the Showcase "Nature's Splendors: Farms, Gardens, and Woodlands", 2013, both at the Filoli Historical Mansion in Woodside, California.  Another piece from the exhibit was awarded an Honorable Mention in the "Art and the Garden" Exhibit, 2011, in Traverse City, MI. 
The newest exhibit, "Nature Interpreted in Fiber", will hang at "My Favorite Cafe" in Saline, MI., 
from January 1st through February 28th, 2014.  Exhibit reception date to be determined.
I also enjoy teaching, and was a workshop leader at the Alcona Arts Retreat in 2013, held in Alcona County, NE Michigan.  In addition to traveling, I teach locally at the Quilting Season in Saline, MI.
New art quilts and photographs are being added frequently, including recent landscape art quilts. 

E. B. Hinerman
(734) 686-0448
Saline, MI

Many thanks to the local botanical gardens that have helped provide so many beautiful images:The Matthaei Botanical Gardens in Ann Arbor, MI, and Hidden Lake Gardens in Tipton, MI.

Photo by Denise Anderson

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Resume, E. Brooks Hinerman

E. Brooks Hinerman,
Art Quilts and Photography
(734) 686-0448

Art Quilting Awards:
Selected for Showcase, “Nature's Splendor:  Farms, Gardens, and Woodlands” Exhibit, Filoli Historical Mansion, Woodside, California, 2013.
Honorable Mention, “Art and the Garden” Exhibit, 2011.
Collaboration between the Art Center Traverse City and the Botanical Garden of Northwest Michigan.
Selected for Showcase, “Handcrafted and Through the Lens: Nature Interpreted” Exhibit, Filoli Historical Mansion, Woodside, California, 2012.
Honorable Mention, “Earth Challenge” Exhibit, 212 Art Center, 2012

Photography Awards:
1650 Gallery “Up Close and Personal” Exhibit for Macro and Close Up  
   Photography, Los Angeles, CA., 2013.  Three photographs accepted, Online Annex Gallery.
Finalist, 32nd Annual Spring Photography Contest,  12,000 entries worldwide.

Published: “Best of Photography 2012”, 
                      "Women2Women Michigan" magazine, Sept/Oct 2013 edition
"Nature Interpreted in Fiber"
            My Favorite Cafe, Saline, MI.  January 1 through February 28, 2014
The “Blooms” Exhibit:  Created in 2012
The 212 Arts Center Featured Artist, March and April, 1012, Saline, MI. (Juried)
Artistica Gallery, multiple times, Dexter, MI (Juried)

“The Blooms of Matthaei” Exhibit:  Created in 2009
Matthaei Botanical Gardens, November, 2009 through February, 2010, Ann Arbor, MI (Juried)
Ann Arbor District Library, September and October, 2010 Ann Arbor, MI (Juried)
Artistica Gallery, November 2010 through January 2011, Dexter, MI   (Juried)
The “Gifts of Art” Program, University of Michigan Medical Center, May through August, 2011      (Juried)

Teaching Experience, Art Quilting:
Classroom and Hands-on: 
“Quilted Thread Painting”, Workshop Leader, “Alcona Arts Retreat”, Alcona County, MI., September 5-8, 2013.
"Thread Painting on a Fabric Printed Photograph", Quilts Unlimited, sponsored by the Greater Ann Arbor Quilt Guild, August 2-4, 2013.
“Floral Art Quilting with Applique”, 2010 – current.  The Quilting Season, Saline, MI.,
        and the 212 Art Center, 2011 to 2012 
“Thread Painting on a Photograph”, 2012 – current.  The Quilting Season, Saline, MI.
“New York Beauties” Quilting Blocks, 2010.  The Quilting Season, Saline, MI. 
“Floral Art Quilting 2011 - 2012, The 212 Arts Center, Saline, MI.
“Art Quilting using Applique and Thread Painting PowerPoint Presentation, 2010. 
Ann Arbor District Library, Ann Arbor, MI.

Teaching Experience, Photography:
“Basic Nature Photography for any Camera” on location.  2011 to present.
“Transitions: from Point and Shoot to DSLR Cameras”, on location.  2012 to present.

Rocky Mountain School of Photography, Missoula, MT
"Hawaii:  Island Jewel", January 1999, Instructors Elizabeth Stone and Susanna Gaunt
"Colorado Mountains and Wildflowers", July 1999, Instructors David Middleton, Tim Cooper, and Brenda Tharp
"Professional Nature Photography", 1999, Glacier National Park, Montana.  Instructor David Middleton
"Canadian Rockies", August 2000, Banff National Park, Canada, Instructor Tim Cooper
“Art Quilting”, Viking Sewing Center, 2007, The Quilting Season, 2008, and Self-taught.

Member, 212 Arts Center, Saline, MI.  2009 to present
Member, Creative Seasons Quilt Guild, MI. 2012 to present
Member, 212 Quilt Guild, MI. 2011 to present